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Keeping Rockwall County Puppies & Kittens Healthy & Happy

Puppies and kittens are fun, and the first few months of life can be wonderful for you and your new pet. Because young animals are particularly susceptible to infections and internal and external parasites, we recommend scheduling an appointment with one of our veterinarians at Rockwall County Veterinary Clinic as soon as your pet comes home. This allows us to not only establish a relationship with you and your pet, but also to examine your animal and perform simple tests to ensure the initial and prolonged health of the newest member of your family. Starting your pet on routine immunizations is an important part of their first visit, as puppies and kittens often require several booster immunizations before they are consideredPuppy & Kitten Care in Rockwall, Texas fully protected from many common infectious diseases.

The veterinarians and staff at Rockwall County Veterinary Clinic have personal experience with owning and caring for young pets. We know the rewards of raising puppies and kittens, as well as the challenges. During your first visit, our veterinarians and staff can offer advice on protecting your young pet from hazards in your home, such as toxic and dangerous materials, medications, and choking hazards. Just as with a small child, small animals can get hurt in unexpected ways if you haven"t pet-proofed your home.

And watch out for that big appetite! Remember, kittens and puppies grow fast. We recommend feeding your young pet a high quality puppy or kitten food.

Contact us with any questions you may have about your newest family member. No matter what the challenge, Rockwall County Veterinary Clinic is here to help!

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