Senior Pet Care

Helping Our Older Rockwall County Pets Enjoy Their Senior Years

Pets are living longer than ever, but the ailments that afflict them haven"t gone away. Like people, pets have challenges with weight, mobility, cancers, heart disease, liver and kidney disease, diabetes, and more. That"s why good senior pet care starts with regular examinations Senior Pet Care in Rockwall, Texasto spot problems before they become severe and to take steps through diet and medication to maintain optimal health. Working with you, our veterinarians and staff will develop a health plan that is best for your senior pet.

The life span of individual animals varies widely; for example, small dogs may be considered seniors at 10-13 years of age, while some large dogs are seniors as young as age 5. We can help you understand your pet as he or she ages and assist you with making determinations of what special care he or she may need to live happy, health senior years.

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