Customer Reviews

John & Susan Wright

The staff and veterinarians of Rockwall County Veterinary Clinic have been competently, lovingly, and affordably caring for our pets for over twenty years. The entire clinic staff including veterinarians, technicians, and front desk receptionists are attentive, professional, and sensitive without exception.  We feel as though we and our pets are part of the RCVC family.  We are always greeted by name, assured, and comforted if our pet is distressed.  Care is always provided in an expeditious manner respectful of the time we have taken from our day to visit the clinic.  Over these years we have, of course, been faced with the death of our beloved pets, which RCVC handles with unfaltering compassion.  On a brighter note, the clinic staff has also assisted in our search for both new pets and trainers as we adopted from other clinic clients.


We have been and remain loyal and grateful clients of RCVC.
John and Susan Wright

Julie & James Stamper

Julie & James Stamper

We’ve entrusted the care of our pets to the doctors and staff at RCVC for over 15 years.  From the joy of a new addition to the sadness of saying goodbye, every member of their staff has treated us and our pets with love, kindness, respect, and courtesy.  Dr. Taylor, Dr. Albers, and Dr. Rogers are brilliant in their knowledge and level of practice.  They’ve stayed current through the years with the newest research and standards; and nothing is more comforting than knowing that your pets are receiving the BEST CARE possible.  They have always provided us with ALL the options available when treatment was necessary and even in those times when it wasn’t; they were honest about that too.

Thank you RCVC for being part of our FAMILY and for accepting us (two and four legged) as part of yours!  For the years you’ve shared your knowledge, love, support and healing we are eternally GREATFUL!  You stand high above the field of veterinary medicine and you do it with such grace, humility, and selfless dedication to EXCELLENCE. 

Julie and James Stamper, Lilly and Luna

Joanna Kemp & Family

Thanks to the wonderful care of Rockwall County Veterinary Clinic Max, my German shepherd, is alive today.  The quick diagnosing and care by the veterinarians at RCVC led to life saving surgery.  Had they not been there, my dog would not be with us.  They literally saved his life.
Joanna Kemp and Max

John & Sheila Murtaugh

John & Sheila Murtaugh

We started to use Keith Taylor as our Vet some 28 years ago when he was still in his old office down the road on Hwy 66.  We have had Giant Schnauzers(as many as four at a time), two horses, and four cats.

As you can imagine our visits to RCVC have been numerous & the quality of service the staff at RCVC has performed over the years has been absolutely outstanding.  RCVC is a superior Vet Clinic and we have grown to be personal friends through the years.  The staff is well trained and all of the veterinarians are of the same high caliber.

John & Sheila Murtaugh

Sue Johnson

Sue Johnson
"I have been a client of Rockwall County Vet Clinic since 1995. Having shown English Setters for almost thirty years, the quality of my vet care is extremely important to me and the RCVC staff has everything to meet my needs. The veterinarians are willing to listen, educate and care deeply for my dogs with up to date knowledge and procedures. The staff is always friendly, helpful and prompt. Whether it is breeding assistance, neonatal care, OFAs, surgery or senior care, the RCVC staff has always been there for me with the highest quality care.
Sue Johnson

David & Alyssa Plette

The physicians and staff are highly trained and competent professionals, but even better people. For over a decade they have lovingly cared for our dogs and in the most trying of circumstances provided comfort and care to not only them but to we owners as well.

The Cookston Family

You have a GREAT STAFF!  Just wanted to say thank you to the staff of Rockwall County Veterinary Clinic for being our Pet Family Vet for over 22 years now.  You have been there during our happy times and some difficult times always showing compassion, patience, & love for the pet you are treating.  A special thank you also for being kind & compassionate to all of the family, especially my Mom.

Mary Joyce Foster

I cannot make enough positive comments about RCVC. We have been clients since the late 80s early 90s. Multiple cats, dogs, horses, plus various miscellaneous critters. My daughter worked at the clinic for almost seven years. So even with the inside scoop, I still think the DVMs and the other personnel are great. Kind, professional, thorough, and fun! Thank you all.

Tammy Richey, Bud, Spice & Bandit

Tammy Richey, Bud, Spice & Bandit

The great staff at RCVC have cared for my dogs for 15 years. From puppy hood through their senior years the doctors and staff have helped us keep our dogs healthy and happy. Thanks for all you have done for us in the past and continue to do for us now. We are truly grateful to all of you.

Jaynie & Robert Lamb

Jaynie & Robert Lamb

Rockwall County Veterinary Clinic has seen us during all the seasons of our pets lives. They have shared in the joy of a new pet and they cried with us when we have to let our beloved pets go. I can honestly say they are very much a part of our family and always will be.

Rick & Carol Miskin

We have been clients of Rockwall County Veterinary Clinic for many years, and have been very pleased with the excellent care our animals have received. The entire staff is friendly and professional, and always willing to take the time to handle our concerns. Our dogs actually enjoy going to the clinic, which makes it so nice for all of us!

Debbie & Jim Fuxa

Rockwall County Veterinary Clinic has always been wonderful at helping us bring new life into the world, as well as deal with the end of life issues. We cant imagine wanting to use another veterinary clinic. RCVC has us as clients forever!

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