Comprehensive Examinations

When We Perform an Exam, it"s Truly Thorough

At Rockwall County Veterinary Clinic, we place an important emphasis on providing comprehensive examinations for our patients. Because our pets age five to seven times faster than humans, cannot communicate with us when they are ill, and tend to hide early signs of disease, comprehensive examinations are an important part of providing your pet with a long, quality life. During our examinations, we thoroughly check dental and oral health, eyes, ears, nose, throat, skin and hair coat quality, cardiovascular system, Comprehensive Veterinary Exams at Rockwall County Veterinary Clinicgastrointestinal and abdominal systems, musculoskeletal systems, joints (including signs of arthritis), and nervous and neurological functions.

Moreover, in keeping with our effort to offer a home-like environment, we do our exams, as well as vaccinations and testing, with the owner present. We believe it helps the animal and provides greater peace of mind than to just whisk your pet away behind closed doors. This also assures that pet owners are informed and involved in any treatment that we feel is necessary for the health of your pets.

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