Veterinary Oncology

Oncology Is the Art of the Possible at Rockwall County Veterinary Clinic

Unfortunately, oncology is a large part of any veterinary practice, and Rockwall County Veterinary Clinic is no exception. Dogs and cats suffer from most of the same types of cancers that affect humans. We have been diagnosing and treating cancer patients since the day our practice opened and have extensive experience with almost every kind of cancer. Veterinary Oncology, Pet Cancer Treatment at Rockwall County Veterinary ClinicOur highest priority in treating oncology patients is proper diagnosis.

Once this has been established, the best treatment method for the pet is determined. Although we cannot perform radiological therapy in house, we do offer surgery, chemotherapy, or combination therapies at our facility in addition to the initial diagnosis. While it isn"t possible to cure every animal, there has been tremendous progress in recent years with cancer treatment for pets. Regardless of the situation, our chief concern is making every animal as comfortable as possible while they battle this unfortunate disease.

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