Dermatology, Skin Care, & Allergy Treatment for Rockwall County Pets

You might be surprised to learn that there are literally hundreds of different skin diseases that afflict cats and dogs. Some may resemble human skin conditions, while others resemble several different diseases, which makes careful diagnosis important. At Rockwall County Veterinary Clinic, dermatology is a very important component of our practice. We want to keep your animal"s skin and coat as healthy as possible!

Many animals have issues with allergies and allergic dermatitis. We work to manage those conditions using shampoos, nutraceuticals, such as omega fatty acids, and antihistamines.Pet Skin Care, Animal Dermatology in Rockwall County TX For severe allergies or immune-mediated dermatological disease, it may be necessary to use advanced immunosuppressive therapy. We have numerous diagnostic tools to determine the cause and treatment course for dermatological problems in your pet. These include skin scraping for parasites, woods light testing and culture for ringworm detection, skin cytology and/or biopsy, and comprehensive allergy testing.

Pets can suffer from skin tumors or tumors just below the skin. Most are benign but some can be malignant such as melanomas, squamous cell carcinomas, and mast cell tumors. A Rockwall County Veterinary Clinic doctor can diagnose a tumor in a pet through a biopsy, so that the cells can be examined under a microscope and appropriate treatment can be started as soon as possible.

Of course, living in Texas, a large part of our dermatology practice is the treatment and prevention of fleas, ticks, and other parasites of the skin. We will assess your pet and make the most appropriate recommendations for your pet"s lifestyle to treat and prevent flea, tick, and parasite infestations.

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